St. Thomas School was established with an aim to uplift the poor and downtrodden and to educate the needy irrespective of any caste or religion. From the beginning itself, we have been moulding the lives of students with quality education. We find our primary inspiration in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I believe that provision of education is service and, ‘we are ready to venture, risk, even fail, that some good might take hold, that some hope might be shared and that poor might have their voices heard.’ Along with academic excellence, we try to imbibe the students with good morals and values. The school attaches great importance to varied programmes and activities outside the normal class routine. These are designed to develop important traits of character like honesty, self-confidence, co-operation and diligence and to promote latent talent for leadership and responsibility.

Our eminent and experienced staff always keeps the flag of St. Thomas flying high with their selfless service and everlasting support. It is their love and dedication to their service that has brought the most wonderful changes in the students and it is their commitment that has embedded values deep within them.

And finally our core strength lies in our students. Through their sincere hard work they possess the ability to transform their lives and write their own future. All of us are gifted by God in one or the other way. We here in St. Thomas School, endeavour to bring out that hidden potential in each and every student.

Mathew George ...........